We are a precision-driven financial consultancy.

Focusing on profit optimization exclusively for hospitality brands. We work with ownership and management to achieve results through daily operations, controls and efficiency refinement.

AP & AR Reconciliation
Payroll & Tips Reconciliation
Bank Reconciliation
Sales & Use Tax
Monthly Financial Statements
Annual Audit Package
Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
Owner & Chef Analytics
Food & Beverage Costing
Revenue Center Trends Analysis
Wages Segmentation
Food & Beverage Inventory Training
Recipe Costing
Menu & Profit Optimization
Pre Opening Budget & Variance Analysis
Cash Flow Management & Consulting
Sales Forecasting
Optimized Staff Scheduling
Invoice Scanning & Uploading
Electronic Invoice & Data Storage
24/7 Access to Previously Uploaded Information
Vendor Database
Invoice & Vendor Payment Approvals
Analytic & Comparative Dashboard

Paperchase was founded 30 years ago with a simple vision:

To help restaurants and hospitality brands around the world make more informed decisions based on the insightful analytics information provided by a team of experts in the industry.

Paperchase traces its roots to London, where it began as a restaurant industry bookkeeping company. In 2010, the company expanded to New York and began growing its clientele by word-of-mouth.

Over the years, Paperchase has evolved from the bookkeeping of its past to a robust all-in-one accounting and consulting firm for restaurants and hospitality brands.

Today, Paperchase is proud to have 200 clients with 500 locations in the United States alone. Beyond the U.S, Paperchase clients can be found across the globe and boast a total of 15 Michelin Star restaurants.

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" I view Paperchase as the CSI of the restaurant accounting world. Not only do they deliver in-depth comparisons and weekly GPs and analysis at lightning speed they also monitor all various programs and systems to ensure that minimum discrepancies occur be them intentional or not." -Managing Director, Mews of Mayfair

" Ever since the first Zuma opened in 2002, Paperchase has been a tremendous support and helped me to set up the business. They were instrumental to the company and what it has become today- in the UK and globally." - Rainer Becker Chef, Founder, Owner Zuma

" Paperchase have proved invaluable in both the day to day and the long term managing of our business. With key insights unique to hospitality, they have been proven as integral a part as any member of our team." - Matthew Widdowson GM, The Five Fields

" Paperchse's in-depth understanding of the hospitality space gives them the unique edge to distill the key performance indicators of any hospitality business and highlight any red flags. STADIUM would not be what it is without partners like Paperchase, we look forward to learning from each other for years to come. " - Shaunak Amin, Founder & CEO

A case Study

The Zuma concept was developed by Rainer Becker during his six year residency in Tokyo, where he spent his time learning the intricacies and nuances of Japanese food and culture. Zuma's early success in London has led them to becoming an Izakaya powerhouse with Zuma locations around the world.


Paperchase joined Zuma's brain trust in order to serve as a strategic partner and efficiency expert leading to launch of an acclaimed NYC destination.

Scope of Work

Zuma brought Paperchase aboard to join the launch team for a new location and to lead critical business components ranging from financial operations and efficiencies to sourcing and management consulting. In close collaboration with both the front and back of house, Paperchase was responsible for recipe costing, inventory controls, establishing strategic menu pricing, sales projections, staff scheduling, budgeting and implementation of internal controls. After the opening launch, Paperchase continued to provide weekly and monthly analytics along with financial services.

According to Zuma general manager, Natalia Pasich:

"The weekly analytics are extremely helpful... Every time you think the restaurant is reporting amazingly, and then you look at the report, you see that there are some areas that you need to pay a little more attention to."


Zuma has proved to be both a culinary and financial success story. Strategic service kept labor costs in check and managed minimal waste. Gross profit margins remain on-target and working capital needs low. Today, Paperchase continues to maintain a close relationship with the Zuma brand to supply support by managing day-to-day financial matters and on-going efficiency consulting and controls. Though now a well-oiled machine, Zuma management is still conscious of the assistance provided by Paperchase. Pasich goes on to say,

"What we gain out of Paperchase is not only a better understanding of the financial side of the operations, but also we've gained amazing mentors."